Tuesday, October 28

It's been forever!

It is now 2008... when was the last time I actually blogged!? I forgot I had one :P

Just went to Colorado. It is officially FALL (aka WINTER here in Chicago - seriously, I had frost on my car and we've had "FLURRIES" as if that makes us feel better about getting snow in October)

But I have a photo I wanted to post, because it is officially autumn - it's just pretty to look at. Hope you love it!

Sunday, June 17

It's Been How Long???

Talking with my friend, I realized that we have both been neglecting our Blogger blogs and so I decided to check back... then I see that it's been 7 MONTHS since my last blog entry!? : / oops

Time flies when you're having fun (in my case, it shouldn't have flown by that quickly then!) but so here we are, in JUNE.

So what's been new? Nothing too much... it's now finally SUMMER here in Chicago and it went from 50s to 90s. Ridiculous. But loving the heat more than the cold and with various summer festivals going on in our area, I'm so excited!!! June, July, and August is going to be soooo busy, so I'll try to at least update some what of where I've been. May was our outing to Wisconsin (that was farmland and my allergies went nuts but nice overall ^_-).

First weekend of June, we made a trip out to the city and here below is from the trip to Navy Pier -- went to see Cirque Shanghai:

Crazy, right? Amazing!

Here's the fireworks (now with B96 music??):

Saturday, November 25

Central Park

I haven't posted a blog in so long!!! Not that anyone really reads mine anyway, but here is my photo from the time I went to New York (NOV 10-11). It was a beautiful fall day and took pretty pictures at Central Park. Chicago is a great city but New York has so many more sights to see!